Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when one is travelling. In the process of traveling one loses luggage, faces accident, sickness or in the worst case scenario death. Most of the policies cover medical charges and reimbursement of cancellation fees and other fees in case you cancel a trip as a result of illness or any unseen event in your family.

Make sure that your policy includes mountaineering or alpinism, as usual ones don’t and if you don’t have it mentioned you will have difficult time claiming your policy. If you are trekking or mountaineering it is the most important thing to make sure your policy mentions rescue on it. The rescue insurance helps you to charter a helicopter in case of injuries in the mountains or acute mountain sickness.

Usually the insurance policy that you buy before heading to Nepal will cover your trekking in Nepal and include emergency medical evacuation as well. There are 3 types of insurance policies that are very common amongst travelers to Nepal: policies that cover only medical expenses, policies that cover medical expenses and evacuation policies that only cover evacuation. Make sure that a copy of your travel insurance is handed to Himalayas facts holidays and later you can reimburse from your insurance agency.