Travel Advice

Travel Advice: Nepal is a sacred country where people still live in a joint family and believe in god, magic and sorceries. People are warm, welcoming and very respectful and make your trip to Nepal very enriching but there are few things that every traveler must know about Nepal. Nepalese welcome you by joining hands and saying Namaste and gently touching on your shoulders and taping at the back is very normal and gesture of adoring.

Let’s begin with the religious site and visiting in Hindu temples! visiting in Hindu temple is forbidden for the non Hindu pilgrims and pilgrims with any leather merchandise as bags, belts and wallet with them. Slippers are forbidden inside the temple and in some taking pictures as well. Nudity is completely unacceptable and public affection as well is not adored. Passing on of candy, balloons or any sort of things that encourages begging is strictly prohibited in the cities as well as on the trails.

It is important to not leave your items, cameras or laptops unattended in the open or in the hotel room as well. Keep all your belongings in your bag or at a proper place which would prevent people from tempting to theft or robbery. Avoid touching young children on their head and specially monks and do not point soles to anyone. Please remember to receive or give money with your right hand as it shows the sign or respect.

Nepalese eat two courses of their staple meal of rice, lentils and vegetables and with their right hand. It is very important to ask to the hosts before using any utensil or plates to eat, or washing hand and rinsing mouth in the sink. Do not take more than what you can eat, as Nepalese think disposing food would bring back curse.

Make sure not to cross a person who has legs stretched or when someone is asleep. Please make sure to pull out your leg as well that if someone wishes to cross you over if your legs are stretched. Whenever in confusion remember to ask your guide or acquainted about the norms.