Nepal Tours

Nepal tours is one of the most popular destination for the tours and Himalayas facts holidays puts an effort to make it one of the best vacations in lifetime. Nepal is home to one of the highest mountains in the world, including none other than Everest 8848m, it is also home to one of the rarest settlements of Sherpa, Bhote and Tamang, the way to the top is more interesting than anything you will witness. The lush green hills with the blossoms of the national flowers of almost every hue, the terrace farming with seasonal crops, the pine scented trails, the falls from the hills making its way to the tributaries, the major tributaries making its way through to the plains, the snow capped peaks, the hidden valleys, ravines, glaciers, rich biodiversity and never ending natural presence.

Nepal is famous for its 9 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, above 8000 meters and not only the mountains but once we enter the hilly terrain we will see what nature has gifted this country of Nepal with. Every inch of the country gives you an impression of being close to the heaven. These are young mountains compared to the ones in the world but they are professional entertainers.

Nepal tours offered by Himalayas facts holidays takes you off to the hill stations, away from the rush and hectic cities. We offer relatively easy tour which will help you discover the landscape, beautiful dawn and dusks, amazing shrines and pilgrimages and beautiful forests along with magnificent heritage sites and cultural prosperity.
We have a wide variety of Nepal tours and we tailor make the packages, along with the ones we have made for you, to fit your requirement and schedule. Our tours are just beyond sightseeing and are guided to actively engage our guests with local culture and people.

Himalayan Sunrise Tour

Himalayan sunrise tour is a hand crafted tour in Nepal by Himalayas facts holidays. This package caters avid nature lovers who travel around the globe to get the glimpse of the best sunrise. This tour is an overland tour in Nepal and does not require any physical strength to get involved in this tour where as the outcome of this tour is total ecstasy. Himalayan sunrise tour takes you ...

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Himalaya Highlights Tours

Himalaya highlights tours is a handmade tour in Nepal and offers an excellent fix for travelers who are interested in entry level hiking and trekking and who do not come with suffice time in their itinerary. This tour takes you to one of the best hiking spots surrounding Kathmandu valley. Himalaya highlights tours has its own fun but what add to that is the sparse communities we witne...

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Himalaya Helicopter Tour

Himalaya Helicopter tour one of the shortest and the most demanded tours in Nepal. The original idea behind initiating this tour by Himalayas facts is to offer the destination to the travelers who are differently able or have restrictions due to age and have time constrains but as it is being increasingly trendy this tour is as well available to everyone who is keen. We believe that t...

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Nepal Explore Tour

Nepal Explore tour is a package made by colliding all the available travel opportunity in Nepal. This 11 days tour in Nepal takes you from the hot tropical to mild sub-tropical climate and reveals the most acclaimed religious site, the most happening national park, the holy situate of Buddhism and non other that the Mountains of the country. Ride an elephant, explore the life of tribal...

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Nepal Cultural Tours

Nepal cultural Tours, Cultural Tours, Cultural Holidays, Cultural Travel Tours, Cultural Tourism...

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Tiger attack in Bardia Nepal

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Tiger attack in Bardia Nepal : A Dutch tourist – Gerard Van Laar survived after tiger attack in Bardia National Park Nepal, when he and his Nepalese guide were hiking in Bardia Jungle on Saturday. He said, all of a sudden! the tiger was heading........

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