Nepal Travel Info

Nepal History:
Nepal travel info: Nepal is described as a very ancient land in various scriptures and mythology. It is believed to be constructed between 500-600 BC.
Nepal is a small landlocked mountainous country located between the two great nations of China and India in south Asia.  Nepal covers east to west 885 km and north to south 193 km in the area spread around 1, 47,181 sq km and Nepal has covered 0.03 percent of Earth’s total land and 0.3 percent of Asia’s total land.

Culture and Religion:
Since ancient times, Nepal is the place of Hindu Sanatan religion and Buddhism country. Apart from this, Islam, Christian, and other religions are also equally independent. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-cultural country, here unity is found in cultural diversity. As per the Hindu religion, People practice of worshiping to the God Shiva, Vaishnav, Kali, Nature, Solar system and invisible power. In Buddhism people practice in Heenaan, Mahayana, Vajranaan, Tantra and Mantyanayan, Sahanjan and Lama Wonpo etc.

According to the national census of 2011. Nepal’s population has 2.22 million. Nepalese people are very disciplined and generous. Many foreigners are influenced by the Nepalese culture and the hospitability.

According to 2011 census in Nepal, there are more than 113 languages in practice. Nepalese languages recognized as a national language. Nepali language of Devnagari script is a language of government work.  Although local bodies and offices use their mother tongue in their work.