Nepal Airport

Tribhuvan international airport which is the only international airport of the country is safe and under operation and has not been hit by any natural calamity in the recent. Nepal airport is 6 km away from the center of the city and has been serving the country since 1949. The airport is a single strip and also includes one domestic airport in it.

There are over 30 international flights scheduled on everyday basis to Asia and Middle East. Nepal airport also serves as hub for several domestic flights. The airport has an airstrip of 10,007 ft concrete runway with no instrumental landing system. Tribhuwan international airport has 3 terminals; first is the international terminal, second is the national terminal and third is the VIP terminal. This airport also caters as the Nepalese army base camp.

There are several banks as well as money exchanges that offer withdrawals and money exchanges, whereas the dining option remain very nominal but nevertheless you can always buy beverages and snacks. Alike dining in the airport, the duty free remains limited as well and only offers local handicraft and promotional items. There is only one luggage terminal and for lost luggage you have to file complaint at the switch board or talk to one of the staff at any counter before getting all the way out from the airport.