Off the Beaten Track Trek

There are 100,000 people almost every year trekking in Nepal. Leaving your country to spend sometime in the serene mountains, unfrequented and untouched by the modern amenities. If being alone with the nature is your requirement, trekking in the Everest and the Annapurna, which is one of the favorites of the travelers could be not your cup of tea.

Nepal as well caters the need of travelers who wish to explore off the beaten trail trek in Nepal. It is surprisingly easy to beat the crowd with the itineraries made by Himalayas fact. Avoiding some popular destination and traveling to the locations which offers equally beautiful elements or avoiding the peak season for visiting the favorable places and even not following some usual routes would expose you to most natural Nepal that had captivated early day trekkers in the country.

Nevertheless these off the beaten trail treks are one of the best kept secrets of Nepal. The language, lifestyle, culture and the timeless dwellings and religious monument would make you feel if it Nepal or some land apart. There are no tea house lodges, may be not even a house by the end of the day to rest and even a warm bowl of soup and proper logistics of trekking in Nepal that we are accustomed to but only serenity, nature and sparse settlement who may have not seen foreigners in lifetime.

Regions in Nepal like Rara, Phoksundo Lake, Dolpo, Mustang, Nar – Phu, Manaslu which are either isolated or restricted is also home to some beautiful snow capped mountains, turquoise colored lakes and beautiful national parks, with countable visitors’ year around. Some important highlights are the unchanged culture, some of which dates back to even 1,200 years. These places are home to some highest permanent settlements on the earth, where majority of the dwellers are full-time Yak, sheep and livestock herders, who travel through treacherous passes as a daily life chore and where stories of sorceries and magicians are still haunting the lives. The destinations and the itinerary woven by Himalayas fact will take you to one of the most adored off the beaten trail trek and be prepared to for the most affectionate and heartfelt welcome.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek are no words to describe the natural presence, in abundance, of Mustang. Mustang also known as the last forbidden kingdom was restricted to tourist for a long time until it became open recently for the world. Mustang is dry, arid and deserted land and is a part of Tibetan plateau, which lies in the north part of Nepal. Despite its arid and dry landscape one would easil...

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Tiger attack in Bardia Nepal

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Tiger attack in Bardia Nepal : A Dutch tourist – Gerard Van Laar survived after tiger attack in Bardia National Park Nepal, when he and his Nepalese guide were hiking in Bardia Jungle on Saturday. He said, all of a sudden! the tiger was heading........

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